New to T4L and I was wondering if there was a way to skip
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    Default New to T4L and I was wondering if there was a way to skip

    chapters in science that we covered last year. I tried to start with chapter 2 in the scheduler but then wasn't given any science chapters for the next weeks. We did the mold experiment last year. If anyone could help with this, then thanks ahead of time.

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    You can always ignore the scheduler, print the scope and sequence/lesson plans, and circle or highlight the lessons you want your child to do. Then, use the Activity Finder (little magnifying glass at the lower, right of his or her page when logged in as a student) to input the activity number of the lesson the child will be working on to access that activity.

    If you're simply interested in skipping the first chapter, you can do that within the scheduler. Just input the first lesson activity number in Chapter Two as the starting point and the last lesson activity number in the level as the end point.

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