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    Default Newbie question HS Class selection

    I had home schooled my daughter in middle school and into ninth grade. We used ourschool district virtual school. She did well until the ninth grade, when the core teaching came into effect.

    We than had no choice to enroll her into to a private school. Which I was not very happy about the school, but being behind they were our only option. I was told they would get her on grade level and start her into the next grade, which is where she was supposed to be

    Well as time went on I saw she was still doing in9 th grade classes, but she moved on to tenth in history and English math and science still the same.

    They decided to start her in science three weeks before the end of school. I was very upset, knew she could not finish it in time. Then they hit me with summer school to let her finish. Told them no, I was not paying another dime, and I also told them how they did not do what they said they would.

    Now we did not send her back to the school and of course I have a balance with them,I felt I should not have to pay the small remain balance since they did not do what they promised. OK so of course I am not going to win, since I signed there Contract.

    So now the problem is they will not release my daughter's transcript to me, until balance is paid, yea I am going to pay but going to give it to them a little at a time.

    So again sorry for the long post. can I start my daughter on the second half of math and science? After she is done I will have it paid. Just don't want to waste time.

    Also not to sure what she needs to take for the 10 classes to meet my state requirements.

    Thank you

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    Hi, saronagrl. Since Time4Learning isn't a school (we are a homeschool curriculum), we do not require a transcript or any educational records for you to sign up. The parent is the teacher of record when homeschooling, so you make the decisions about what she needs to take to graduate from your home school. You can have her do as much or as little of any course as you choose.

    Many people mistakenly refer to enrollment in a virtual school as "homeschooling", but people who use the virtual schools are not subject to the homeschool laws in their state. Virtual school have teachers and other staff who tell you what to do and, if everything is completed to their liking, they issue a diploma.

    With homeschooling, the parent makes all the decisions. All fifty states allow homeschool parents to issue a homeschool diploma. The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschooll High . . . .

    Good luck to you and your daughter!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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