Newbie and still confusing about Activity Scheduler
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    Default Newbie and still confusing about Activity Scheduler

    I am new to Time4Learning and still trying to figure out how to use this system. With that saying, I need a little help

    I used the Activity Scheduler with Option # 1, then I select All of everything. I selected Start Date: 8/25/2014 and End Date 6/31/2015. Then click Generate. After that it gives me a whole list week by week of the schedule. Which is good.

    But the trouble is this

    On the Activity Planner page, for the date 8/24/2014, it shows this
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    So I thought if my child login today which is 8/24/2014, then my child will only see the courses that I have generated for just only today. But apparently, that is not the case, my child sees a complete list of all the courses from all the lessons plan.

    So what did I miss?

    I would like to select only a few courses per day for my child to see and to learn. I don't want to show everything because my child will jump from one course or skip to another.

    Please help.

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    The activity planner does not affect how the lessons are presented to your student. It is a checklist for your student to refer to, to know what he or she is supposed to do that day. Time4Learning provides everything at once, sort of like if you gave your child a textbook and told them to read only chapter one. You can decide to have your child check off what he has finished either on his launchpad or print the week from the schedule and have him check it off with a pencil.

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