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    Can someone please explain how to do the odyssey writer assignments?

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    When your student does an Odyssey Writer assignment, they should click the little icon that looks like two overlapping pieces of paper at the lower left of where they begin to type. This will paste the instructions into the assignment, so you will have them to refer to when you review the assignment.

    They start typing below the instructions.

    When they have finished, they should click the Hand In button at the top right. They may choose any of the fictitious "teachers" to "hand the assignment in" to. This does not really hand it in to anyone. It causes it to be marked as completed and to appear in the student's reports as a link in the "score" column.

    When you notice a link to an Odyssey Writer assignment, you can click the link to view it and/or to print it and grade it manually. For high school students, there is a detailed grading guide available for each English writing assignment, so you know what to look for.

    If you are seeing a blank page when you try to access an Odyssey Writer assignment, look for "page numbers" at the lower right of the page. Sometimes the writing assignment ends up on the second page.

    Your student should finish writing assignments in one sitting, because they can't be saved. If your student requires more than one sitting to finish an assignment, one option is for them to do it in a word processor and paste it into Odyssey Writer.

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