Offline Reading Materials and How They Are Used
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    Default Offline Reading Materials and How They Are Used

    Hello! Regarding the offline reading materials such as "Across Five Aprils" in the 5th grade LA#5203, does the student need to read this entire book before this assignment? I'm a bit confused as to how the offline reading materials incorporate into the online assignments, and when they should be read (before or during). Thank you!

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    Hi! In the very few assignments that require offline reading, the lesson will tell the student when to read what part of the book. There will typically be an introduction, and then instructions to read some of the book. Then there will be a "discussion" about what was read and maybe a few questions, followed by instructions to read another section. Hope this helps you get a "feel" for these activities. If you can't find the book, it is fine to skip the very few lessons that require a book. The same concepts are covered elsewhere in the curriculum.

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