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    Default Parent Settings

    When my child logs in he is automatically directed to the Compass Learning Page. I just realized my child cannot access the Playground. We didn't even realize what we were missing because we had never seen the page until today. I thought maybe he couldn't access the Playground because of the parent settings. What are those parent settings for on the lower level log in page??? And even though I'm entering the correct password, why does it keep saying that I'm not.

    What are the timer settings on the parent admin page supposed to manage?

    This has been a total a nightmare to navigate to understand and yes, I've viewed the vids. I've even looked through other forum questions to try and get my questions answered.

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    If your student is being directed to the Compass Learning page, you need to clear your cache (cookies and browsing history). He can't log in from there.

    What happens when your child tries to access the Playground?

    Your parent password is different from your student's. You selected it when you signed up. If you can't remember it, or need to change it, please call Time4Learning support: Hours: Weekdays - 8:30am to 7:00pm (6pm on Fridays) EST
    Phone: (888) 771-0914

    The timer settings on the parent login page control when your student is allowed to access the Playground. You put in the amount of time your child needs to work on lessons before being able to access the playground. You also put in the maximum amount of time he or she can play on the playground before being required to stop and return to lessons.

    If you want to allow limited access to the Playground, just set the settings to zero. I suspect this will solve your playground access problems.

    Can you describe the parent settings on the lower level login page that you are referring to? I don't see any.

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