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    Default Placement quiz

    Hi! I just signed my kids up and I wanted my son to take the initial quiz for placement that was supposed to be done at registration (I think), but I couldn't find it. He was in second grade last year but I'm sure he needs to repeat concepts...possibly going back to first grade. Now that they are registered is there anyway he can take this quiz? Thanks!

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    Hi, deana! Welcome to the forum.

    There are two or three questions when you sign up that are designed to discover how well your student reads. If you have a popup blocker, you will miss them. Regardless of how you answer those questions, your student will be placed at the grade levels you choose for each subject, and you can log in to your parent account at any time to change grade levels.

    Here's a little help with placing your son. First and second grades both focus on phonics and reading. If your child does not yet know the sounds the single letters of the alphabet make, he should probably start at the first grade level in language arts. If he is ready to learn the sounds of blended letters, like /wh/, /tr/, /ch/, and /pl/, then he should start at the second grade level in language arts. In first and second grade, my personal recommendation is to have the student finish all of the core language arts lessons before moving on to the language arts extensions.

    Here is what they learn in first grade math (which is a whole lot more challenging that the kindergarten math level). Here is second grade math.

    For science, since there are only thirteen science lessons in first grade and 21 science lessons in second grade . . . I have had my own kids do both first AND second grade science at the beginning of their first AND second grade years (because repetition is good and because they only vaguely recall having already done the lessons a year later.) Then, I add Science4Us to complete the school year.

    At the second grade level, there are only a handful of social studies lessons, and I've found them to be appropriate for my own kids in both first and second grade. If your child isn't yet an independent reader, you may have to read parts of them to him, but they are very short, cartoony, and fun. The rest of social studies is covered in the language arts extensions, which are all based on science and social studies topics. The first lesson of each language arts extension is all about that topic: pioneers, Native Americans, our flag, etc.

    I hope this helps you decide on an appropriate placement for each subeject for your son.
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