Planning a review of earlier grades? But too much to sort through!
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Thread: Planning a review of earlier grades? But too much to sort through!

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    Default Planning a review of earlier grades? But too much to sort through!

    Hello, my name is elle, I just joined I've spent eight years homeschooling, and for almost all of that time I've written out my curricula and planner myself. Needless to say, I'm thrilled that this program has done all the work for me! But I have a couple of problems. My husband and I have decided to do a review for our kids before they hit high school. Has anyone tried doing this with T4L? I first thought about enlisting each child back at grade 1 and going through all the items until they reached a point where they were comfortable and challenged. But this may take us years! Then I thought about just doing the chapter tests, but this is too limiting.

    The review is necessary in my opinion because some of my children have big difficulties with spelling and phonics, and others with mathematics like place value and long division.

    If you guys have any advice, please share!

    And as a side note, I am a planner-type person. So I've been trying to plan out our school year with these lessons, but without knowing what to include, I'm a bit scatter-brained We do our school year-round, four days per week, in eleven week semesters. This routine has worked well from day one, so I kind of need to keep it now as we transition to this new program.

    Again, thanks for reading this over and replying if you can!

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    Default Re: Planning a review of earlier grades? But too much to sort through!

    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    My first thought was to suggest you have them do the chapter tests first, but it looks like you have already ruled that out.

    You described yourself as a planner, and those people (myself included) tend to go right for the Activity Planner in the parent dashboard. If you expect to be all over the place in the curriculum, that might not be the best idea, as it is designed to work best if you know ahead of time what you plan to do and if your child will be working at the same grade level (per subject) all year.

    When you're seeking to fill in gaps, it's kind of hard to plan ahead! In these cases, sometime we just have to see what happens one day and use that information to plan for the next.

    It sounds like you have a good idea of where the gaps might be. You can log in to your parent dashboard to access the lesson plans/scope and sequence. Then use the "search" feature to locate lessons that cover what you are hoping to review.

    That might drive you a little bonkers, though! How "behind" are they? Maybe you could just start them one grade level below where you assume they are instead of starting from day one.. Concepts are reviewed from year to year, so you really don't need to stress about covering every single thing they may not have learned perfectly yet. Remember that all students (every, single student in the entire WORLD! ) will have some gaps in their learning, whether from missing a few school days, having school years where they choose not to be attentive, or just finding certain subjects challenging because of the way they, personally, are wired.

    I know, as homeschool moms, we're under a lot of pressure. Sometimes, when it's time for my kids to be tested, I feel that I am the one whose reputation is at stake!

    I don't know if they're of any help at all, but these are just a few of my random thoughts.

    Here's an article I wrote some years ago called "My Child isn't at Grade Level".
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