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    Default Playground?!?

    My daughter is wanting to do the typing game but she is not able to open any of the games. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    What kind of device is she using it on? When you click on one of the general game icons (such a "Typing Games"), it wiggles and a row of circles with each typing game appear at the bottom of the screen. A few things might be causing this problem.

    Please hold down the Control key before clicking on the general game icon. That should disable your popup blocker, if that is the problem.

    Or, it could be that your screen size prevents you from being able to see the row of circles at the bottom of the screen. You can resize your screen on a pc by holding down the Control key and scrolling up (larger) or down (smaller) on your mouse, or by holding down the Control key and hitting the plus or minus keys.

    You can also click in the solid color bar at the top of the window and try dragging it higher, so you can see the icons at the bottom of the screen.

    If none of these ideas work, please let us know.

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