question on LA Extensions...all different reading versions
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    Default question on LA Extensions...all different reading versions

    Does our child need to do every reading to me, read along, read by myself, I can read, etc. My son is in 2nd grade, and he can read fairly well. So, I was just wondering if it was necessary to do the reading assignments all four ways. Or -- can I have him do the read to me and skip to the I can read. The worksheets that accompany the 4 reading variations seem to be the EXACT same, so I'm really curious how you all handle this with a fairly fluent reader.


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    Since there is such a variation in children's reading abilities at that age, the readers are provided in several versions. You can choose the one that matches your child's reading ability. If you have used the Activity Scheduler to schedule your lessons, this means you will probably be way ahead in your schedule.

    Some parents do choose to have their student read all versions, because they start out with a lot of assistance reading the book and end up with the student reading the book independently. This isn't necessary for fluent readers. Another reason a child might need to read all versions if if the have trouble with reading comprehension. Reading the story multiple times can help with that.

    Hopefully, other parents will come along and share what works with their kids.

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