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    Hi, just started with my 6 year old. For Math, is there a way to skip the quiz at the end of every activity?? It just starts a quiz automatically, but then there is an option for a quiz separately as well. Was just wondering if there is a setting to bypass the quizzes. If I click on quit, will it still record that he completed the activity?

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    No, the activity will only be recorded as completed if it is run through to completion and exited properly. Those little "quizzes" at the ends of the lessons might also be considered practice questions for the lesson. I thought they were an important part of the lesson for my own kids, but one great thing about homeschooling is that we can all do it differently, according to our own kids' needs. The actual quiz will be different questions.

    You can also not pay attention to the reports or checkmarks and just keep your own records. Print the lesson plans and check off each item with pencil as it's completed, even if you consider it completed without the practice questions.

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