Re-do on quizzes and tests
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    Default Re-do on quizzes and tests

    I'm wondering if there is a way to reset tests and quizzes if we want them to retake them?


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    Hi, Chelsey! Quizzes and tests can be taken as many times as you like. Often, a few questions are drawn from a large bank of questions, so the assessment will be slightly different each time. This follows the standard practice of varying tests with multiple attempts.

    Also, the new score will not replace the old score. It is averaged in with the total. Again, this mimics the typical way schools do things, because they don't want a student who scored well the first time to receive the same grade as a student who requires several tries.

    There are many acceptable ways to calculate a grade, and homeschool parents can do it any way they wish. My own kids' reports are covered with things I've crossed out out or re-figured. I've always felt that bit of personalization lends credibility to what the computer generates.

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