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    Question Reports

    I am having a hard time with understanding the reports. It could just be me. My daughter 5 yr old started on Monday 8/1/16 and on the first day she did a few different one a couple LA and a couple of Math's. On like two of them she got 80%. Now is there a way to see why she got the 80% so I can see what she is having trouble on? Because on Friday's I was thinking about going over the weeks worth of things she has done and have her re-do those that she didn't get 100%. Is that possible to have her redo those? Also is there a chart someplace that would show how many she has done and what she has left to do. Like that chart you get when you do the curriculum calculator? Thanks for the help in advance.


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    Hi, Sara - I don't think you can see the score unless it was a quiz. I just checked my daughter's account and I can only view the lesson and the score. You can redo lessons as many times as you want, but the system will keep both scores. The final score for the subject will be averaged.

    You can check the lesson plans to determine how much curriculum is left.

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    Hi. To see what she has done, you check the reports. To see what she has left to do, you compare the reports to either the detailed plan you set up (if you did that), or the lesson plans/scope and sequence.

    You can't see the exact problems she missed at this grade level. Later on, many of the COMPLETED tests or quizzes are printable from the student reports.

    In kindergarten, I used to sit with my kids while they did their work. I was used to teaching them "from scratch" myself, so it still felt like a break for me. I enjoyed watching them work, I knew exactly what they were learning, and the lessons are short. That's not at all required, as the program is designed for the student to work independently, but that's what worked well for my own family.

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