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    Question Scheduleer and activities completed

    I have used the scheduler and set the stuff I want my kids to do every week, and I see on my kids pages when I log in what they are scheduled to do and a place for checkmarks, but is there anywhere I can see what they have done that looks like the page with the check marks? or do I have to go one by one and check to see what is being done and of they are getting enough done to be finished at the end of the week?

    I think there is a definite need for a daily scheduler too? is there one and I am missing it?

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    Think of the activity scheduler as a to-do list. It simply lists out activities in order for a week at a time, for the student to complete. There is a place for the student to click on or check off when they have completed an activity to help keep their place. The activity scheduler does not interact with the lessons page nor list things out by day. Each homeschooling family has their own schedule so we left it simple. You do have the ability to go into the schedule after it is generated and choose the day you want lessons completed each week, if you prefer, or put in instructions in the notes section.

    The progress report will list all the work that the student has completed and the grades they receive. The progress report is available in your parent login by clicking on the reports tab.

    Hope this helps to clarify.


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