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    Default Setting daily amounts

    I used this program once before but it likely was not the right time then for my family. Now we are using it again, but I'm frustrated that things are not grouped according to how much should be done per day. There is just so many options and I'd like to see things grouped according to doing a certain amount per day for each of my children so that it doesn't seem so overwhelming. Can this be done and if so how?


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    Hi. Have you looked at the activity scheduler? Please let us know if you have further questions after viewing the video.

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    I found the activity scheduler to be complicated and not something that was easy to keep up with. I had hoped that T4L would give the parents a good overview for the year and they could set the amount for each day, then when the student logged it, T4L would let the student know what they needed to complete for the day...not a printed out sheet! The point of choosing this curriculum was portability and traveling with a printer just isn't going to happen.

    I wish t4l would get its designers/programmers to adjust the program to be more like Khan academy...its easier to me to see what has been accomplished there than on t4l.

    At this point, I am not sure we will be using t4l next year.

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