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    Is there a way to set the quizzes to limit the times they can submit an answer. My 8th grader just clicks until she gets the right answer and moves on. She's not even reading the lesson.

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    No, but each attempt gets averaged in to the final grade, so it might help if she knows she is lowering her score. For example, if she takes a quiz or test one time, she is awarded the grade for that quiz or test. If she takes it again, she is awarded the AVERAGE grade for the two attempts. (If she gets 60 percent the first time and 90 percent the second time, her final score will show 75%.) If she tries multiple times, she could end up with a very low score. (For example, four tries: 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. She would end up with a score of 70%, NOT the final grade of 100%.)

    She should also be finding the tests are a little different each time she takes them, as they draw a few questions from a huge bank of questions. That's partially to prevent this type of thing.

    Lastly, you (and she) should know that you can see how long she has spent on an activity by viewing her reports. I did once realize one of my kids had spent five SECONDS on a lesson, and I realized he was just clicking through without reading. I read the lesson myself to get an idea of how long it took (and it did only take around five or six MINUTES to read . . . but not only five SECONDS), and then I knew how long to expect him to spend on assignments.

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