super confused about the grade reports
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    Default super confused about the grade reports

    Ok so I went to reports to look at my dd assignments and it has grades listed besides them. Some were failing grades so I asked her to redo them until she got a higher grade. She said she did but the new grade is not showing up on my reports. So does this mean it only shows the very first grade and won't refresh with the new grade when the assignment is redone?

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    Hello. All attempts should be listed on the report. The grade does not "refresh". All attempts are averaged in to the total. This is the way traditional schools do it. The student actually receives an average of all attempts, because they do not want to give the same grade to a student who scores well the first time and a student who requires multiple attempts.

    As homeschool parents, we often have our own way of calculating a grade (if we use grades at all). I print my kids' reports, cross out all but the final attempt, and use the scores to calculate a final score that leaves off the initial attempt.

    The curriculum used by Time4Learning was developed for use in public schools. Time4Learning has purchased a license that allows them to offer it to families and individuals. The built-in reporting system is in line with what might be used in a public schools.

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