Are there lesson guides for parents?
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    Default Are there lesson guides for parents?

    So I have gotten everyone set up with the activity scheduler, and now I can't find any way for a parent to see what they will be doing in each lesson so you know what outside stuff needs to be provided, like outside reading or science experiments. I see there is a materials list for science. Do I have to go through all the lessons myself each week?

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    Hi! Planning is the hard part, and you're wise to check things out in advance. The science supplies lists are for the regular", grade-level science lessons. There are no supplies required for any of the MS science or HS science lessons. Everything is online. If there are experiments or demonstrations, the student watches the video student do it.

    Almost all required reading is provided. There are a few lessons in grade three that require a certain book. Most families only do a couple of those units, depending on which books are easily found in their library. The book lists are in your parent login, where you found the science supply lists. Almost all of the books on the lists are "suggested" reading, which simply means they are books on the topic being studied, for students who want to explore further. ANY books on that topic would be good, if you can't find the suggested reading material on the lists.

    Use the lesson plans, also available within your parent login, to read a short description of each lesson.

    You can log in as your student and preview the lessons, but don't mark them as complete, so they don't show up on your student's reports. Your previewed lessons WILL show up under Recent Work.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know about any other questions as you go along!

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