Is there a way to print a daily/weekly calendar style schedule?
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    Question Is there a way to print a daily/weekly calendar style schedule?

    I am brand new. I am wondering if there is a way to print out a daily/weekly schedule that is more visually like a calendar? The pdf checklist option that you can print from the detailed plan isn't as straightforward as I'd like it to be for my 7 year old son. I'm wondering if there is another way that I'm just not aware of.


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    Default Re: Is there a way to print a daily/weekly calendar style schedule?

    Hi, Kimmity!

    The planner is a relatively new feature, which Time4Learning added because parents were asking for such a thing. Not everyone uses it (including myself). I prefer to just tell my kids to do "three language arts, one language arts extension, two math, one social studies and one science" per day (substituting the number of activities that will get us through the program during our school year). If you don't want to consult the lesson plans/scope and sequence for the number of activities and do the math yourself, you can use the Curriculum Calculator instead of the Detailed Plan to find our how many activities nees to be done.

    There isn't a planner that is designed like a calendar.

    You can further refine your detailed plan. It shows what the student needs to do each week to meet your goals. You can go in and choose "Edit Plan" and use the dropdown menus to the right of each activity to assign each activity to a day of the week. When I was using the planner, I did that every weekend (because that allowed me to make adjustments when unexpected things came up instead of trying to plan out the entire school year in advance).

    I have found just doing a certain number of activities per day, in the recommended sequence, to be more straightforward than other methods.

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