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    Hi Everyone!

    We joined at the beginning of June & really like T4L, so far. We are at the end of our first year of home schooling and have had a lot of challenges. I am finding that MY biggest challenge has been de-programming myself (and my hubby) from stressing so much about how long it takes for our kids to progress through school work. At this time, my son should be finishing up 9th grade and my daughter should be finishing up 7th grade. We were using another online curriculum prior to starting T4L and because of so many changes and issues with that provider, they have not been able to really get much accomplished this school year. T4L seems to be a much better fit for them, but now I feel like we are a year behind and just starting 9th and 7th grade over. The entire year, we have spent 6 hours a day working on school work. I hear other parents say that they spend 3 or 4 hours (some even less) and that the kids do lots of other activities, as well. I know everyone is different, but I am wondering how they actually progress without spending more time on completing the actual work? I am so used to the rigid schedules of public school and am just at a loss on how to become more relaxed and less worried about time. I am so concerned that my 9/10th grade son won't be ready to graduate at the same time we have planned on though out his school years. I know that I probably shouldn't be worried about that and that one of the main reasons we are home schooling is to be able to do things on our own time, but there is still that part of me that is upset that we wasted a year (and a lot of money) on a program that didn't work for us and now we are behind. This is not at all what I wanted home schooling to be for my kids. My kids are now working during the summer to catch up. They have been totally great about this, but I almost feel like this sends another negative message to them. Part of me feels like because we began home schooling so late, that we are at a disadvantage. I so want to enjoy home schooling but I feel like I am doing more wrong than right! UGH!

    So, here I am... asking other parents who have been in a similar situation to chime in and give me some advise. How do you do it? What challenges did you face when you began home schooling? What did you do to become more successful? Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks so much!!!
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    Default Great question :-)

    Thank you for sharing your concern. It takes us about 4 hours a day (M-F) and I have wondered the same thing when I see other homeschooling parents say that their children spend about 2 hours a day. I have wondered if I am doing something wrong? :O I think for me, I worry too much because out of my 5 children, they were all in the public school system til my last child, and we did not homeschooling until Middle School. So I think I must have the mindset of public school still, and I worry soooo much of trying to make sure I do everything right. :O I feel like 4 hours isn't even enough time some days. I'm curious to see what some of the replies to your concerns would be. I hope others respond, as it would help me also.

    Thanks again for your topic discussion.

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    When I pulled my daughter from public school a little over a year ago, she was behind in all subjects. I only had three months to bring her up to grade level before I had to send in my documentation. What I decided to do was test her a grade level behind what she was in and 'redo' 3rd grade this coming year. She has advanced quite a bit through using the T4L curriculum and we will work through the summer to catch up.

    I normally have her do an hour or two a day of T4L and I break that up in increments. She enjoys it! Some states require homeschoolers to do a certain amount of hours per day. Not all of those hours have to be done on the computer, you can add in reading, field trips, science projects and trips to the library... they all count as learning time.

    Don't stress, things will fall into place for you.

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