Using The Playground (New to T4L)
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    Default Using The Playground (New to T4L)

    My son finished all of his lessons and the playground icon was highlighted, but before I allowed him to go to the playground I logged out of the student account and logged into the parent account to print some worksheets. When I logged back into the student account the playground was no longer highlighted and he was unable to access the playground. What gives? Is there a time limit to access the playground? He was very disappointed...

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    Default Re: Using The Playground (New to T4L)

    Your student is required to work on lessons a certain amount of time during a login session before they can access the playground, and then they can only play in the playground for "so long" until it goes away and they are required to get back to the lessons. If they log out and then log in again, the timer is reset to zero, so they have to put in the required lesson time again before accessing the playground.

    The good news is that YOU (the parent) decide what those times are. Log in to your parent account and click on Manage Students and then Timer Settings. Choose your student's name from the dropdown menu on the left. Now you can set the minimum amount of time they have to work on lessons before they can access the playground and the maximum amount of time they can play in the playground before getting back to their lessons. You can set it for just the current day or permanently (until you decide to change it again).

    You can also select "No Lesson Time" and "Unlimited Playground Time" if you don't want the timer activated.

    When the lesson timer counts down to zero, it's a good idea for your student to finish the lesson activity they are currently working on before they go to the playground, because some work can't be saved. The playground timer won't start until they actually enter the playground, so they won't be forfeiting any playground time by finishing their current lesson activity first. When the playground timer has counted down, though, they will be "kicked out" and told to go back to their lessons.

    If you need to log in to your parent account before your child has a chance to access the playground, just set the timer to No Lesson Time for that day and he will be able to access the playground when he has logged back into his account.

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