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    Question Vacation

    I set my kids up for classes to start Aug 19 through May 1st next year. We are going to Disney for a week in December. How do I change their schedule so they can be off for that week and also does the program allow days off like Thanksgiving and Spring break?

    I have 1 in High School and one in Middle school. It doesn't seem like I can adjust my Middle school schedule at all. The High School schedule lets me pick what lessons on what days. Is that the only day the material will be available or is it more of a guideline for him?

    I like all the material they will be covering I just don't want them to get incomplete assignments because we are going on vacation.

    Thank you very much,

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    I am new, but I did just research that question. You may have already found the answer, but in case it helps anyone else...You can only add a break that is a week or more. You can't add just a day or a few days. To add a week break (or 2 weeks etc), go to Student Records, then Activity Scheduler. If you have already made a calendar (planner), select the child, then choose the saved calendar (the one on bottom is the most recent if you have more than one). Click "Manage Breaks" and input your dates.

    If I understand it correctly, if you have originally made a planner, but then want to add another break, you can re-do the schedule by putting in a new start date and this time it will ask you what lesson you left off with and it will re-configure the plan to divide it up amongst the remaining work and days. (so it takes into consideration the break that you just added).

    I just pulled up and printed the public school calendar for our county and used the dates on it to input breaks for the holidays. In SC, you have to have 180 school days, so I figured that if I followed their calendar, we'd be ok. If you have a break for just a day to a few days, the system will show all work due for that week. You can either try to have them do extra the days they are there or even make part of it up when they are back -as long as what it listed for each week gets done at some point.

    If the High School or like the lower grades, then the activity planner (where you pick which days you want each subject) is just a guideline. It is just how the system divides up the work by weeks using the start and finish dates and the breaks that you entered. I made a planner, but my son was able to access and finish the next weeks material as well.

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