What do the level numbers mean?
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    Default What do the level numbers mean?

    I had register my daughter for 3rd Grade. and when she starts a lesson it shows "Level 2 3 4"
    This is for lower level. Does the 3 mean third grade? Or does the level 2 start at 1st grade?
    The reason I ask is because, when trying to create a detailed plan it has her set at 1st grade.

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    The level numbers correspond to grade levels, so the three means third grade. Since it is in bold, your student is working at grade level three in that subject. The other numbers is so you can easily navigate one grade level up or one grade level down to check out that grade level, since students can work at different grade levels in each subject.

    Maybe she is accidentally set at first grade in one subject? Log in to your parent account and click on Adjust Grade Level under Make Changes to My Account at the top, right. Check to see that she is working at the level you want in each subject. If none of them have her at grade level one, yet you are seeing grade level one in your Activity Planner, then there is a problem. Call support:
    Hours: Weekdays - 8:30am to 8:30pm (6pm on Fridays) EST
    Phone: (888) 771-0914

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