What does the Day column do?
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    Default What does the Day column do?

    On the page
    Weekly Activity Planner, it has a column "Day" next to "Done"

    What does that "Day" column do?

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    Hi! The plan generated only tells you what activities the student should do that week. Some parents want to further define that by day for their children. You can manually choose the day you want your student to do each assignment from the dropdown menu (the "Day" column). Instead of trying to anticipate the entire school year, I do this on Saturdays for just the following week. I like to spread things out fairly evenly. For example, if there's a lot to do that week in a certain subject, I can assign two lesson activities on the days where one activity is just a quiz (because those don't take very long). I do keep Fridays as free as possible, in case we need to catch up on something.

    Other parents like to assign certain subjects for certain days (all language arts on Mondays, all math on Tuesdays, etc. or language and social studies on Tuesday and Thursday and math and science on M-W-F or whatever works for your family).

    This saved activity schedule will show up when your student logs in, or you can print it and he/she can check it off with pencil or pen.

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