What happens when work is not completed as assigned?
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    Unhappy What happens when work is not completed as assigned?

    Just getting used to this new platform. i have set up detailed plans for my kids but they will probably not get everything done this week since it was a holiday weekend. Will I need to re-assign it for next week? Will it show up in next week's list? This could get confusing.

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    Default Re: What happens when work is not completed as assigned?

    If we get too behind, I just print the previous weeks' schedule and we keep chippiing away. You can always generate a new plan if you travel too far from the original one. Just leave the lessons your child has already completed off the new plan.

    Realize the planner works by taking the number of activities you decide you want your child to complete and distributing them evenly between the "start date" and "end date" that you specify. So, if your child hasn't completed some of the material on the old plan, the new plan will specify more per week for your child to do.

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