What if all weekly lessons not completed?
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    Default What if all weekly lessons not completed?

    We are nearing the end of our first week. I did create a activity planner which we have been following. My question is if for some reason my son did not complete all activities for the week, will they automatically carry over to the next week and will I see this when I view the next week's schedule? I can see his activities for next week but questioning if they will shift accordingly. He is a former Connections Academy student so I am use to running their scheduler and assignments not completed moving to next day.

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    No, they do not. The activity planner generates a static list of what to do when. The list does not change, unless you go back in and generate a new plan.

    Here is what I do. I generate a plan for the school year. Each weekend, I go into that week's plan and assign specific days to each lesson activity. Then, I print the plan so my kids can mark them off manually.

    I look at the previous week's plan. If there is anything not done on the previous week, I staple the new plan to that. They are expected to finish any incomplete work first, before tackling the new week's stuff.

    The planner is being updated, and new functions are being added and perfected (especially this week). My intention is to keep playing with it, to see what kinds of options we begin to have.

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