Can I wait to start my 5 yr old and instead start him at 6 for kindergarten?
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    Default Can I wait to start my 5 yr old and instead start him at 6 for kindergarten?

    Hello, my husband and I are thinking about moving to Hawaii. I'm noticing all the laws which scare me. (We are currently in Illinois). Anyways, both my sons have June birthdays and I have been advised here in Illinois to wait to enroll my oldest in kindergarten until he's six. But I noticed Hawaii laws say the child has to be enrolled at 5. In Illinois its 6 so its not a problem. My question is if its OK if I don't start homeschooling him until the age of 6 for kindergarten. Will they allow that or make me homeschooling him at a 1st grade level?

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    Hello. This is the homeschool law for Hawaii taken from the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. Their information is regularly updated and accurate.

    This is from the Hawaii State Department of Education website:
    Hawaii DOE | Homeschooling

    This link has additional information, such as homeschool support groups, homeschool curriculum, homeschool blog and more from the Hawaii State Dpt. of Education:

    Hope that helps.
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