Advice on AP Physics for my high schooler
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    Default Advice on AP Physics for my high schooler

    My 10th grader needs help on deciding what 11th grade AP science class to do.

    - AP Chem
    - AP Physics
    - regular Physics

    She's presently getting straight A's including Honor's Chem and Honor's Enhanced Math III (grade at 99%, gets 100% on virtually everything). It comes naturally for her; she does a ton of homework, but she "gets it" the first time around and she doesn't find the homework to be a chore.

    She's signed up for AP Chem next year but her real interest is in Math. She doesn't dislike Chem, but Physics actually excites her. Her plan was for AP Physics in 12th, but I think that if she's not planning to be a chemist (no interest), or entering the medical field (very little interest) then why kill herself to learn what she'll just forget in 5 years. ie: Chemistry is far less useful and universally useful than Physics.

    She's not sure on a career path, but getting on an invention team for Solar power or the like would excite her. However she's not good at tedious lab type tasks. She likes Psych, but she LOVES math.

    AP Physics requires being enrolled in or having completed AP Calc, and an A- or better in enhanced math. She will be taking AP Calc next year. Her Chem teacher says AP Physics is "harder" than AP Chem. I think she's up to the task, and there's the power of interest!

    Advice anyone?

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    Default Re: Advice on AP Physics for my high schooler


    You have posted on the parent forum for the TIme4Learning homeschool curriculum, which does not offer AP courses (although students can work at their own pace and proceed as quickly as they like). Therefore, we can't offer advice about what AP courses your child should take, but we can mention that our science courses are valuable for gifted students who desire additional study.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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