Algebra I lessons
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    Angry Algebra I lessons

    About ready to scream at this insanity. Son is taking Algebra I. Watches lesson. Takes quiz and quiz has problems on there that HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT HE JUST WATCHED. Questions on there that were in NO WAY discussed. Currently on Solving Compound Inequalities. Activity Quiz has so much crap on there that was not discussed. What the CRAP????

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    My son is finishing up Algebra I and he says that that has happened with him, but he feels it happens because the program is trying to make him figure out how to problem solve...on his own, without someone walking him through it. In his opinion (I only go through activities with him if he's struggling, or random lessons to make sure I understand what's happening, lol, so I can't give personal experience advice), he's never had a quiz that had questions that hadn't been discussed AT ALL. He said sometimes they throw questions in there from prior lessons/activities. To make sure he remembered. I'm sorry that you're having problems and are frustrated. If you would like, to see if there is an actual explanation rather than a teenager's take on it, you can contact customer support. They are really good at responding to questions/issues. You can email them via this contact form, or you can call them (Mon-Fri) at (888) 771-0914.
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