Algebra II help!!!
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    Default Algebra II help!!!

    Hi. I am looking for a website that can provide me the steps to the answers for the tests/quizzes. It has been YEARS since I have taken Algebra II & Trig. so in order to help my daughter figure out why she got her answers wrong I can't reteach the problem with just the answer.

    Math is not her strong suit and going over the lessons again and again are just making her more frustrated. Usually, if I start showing her something she's already gone through something will click and she will take right over b/c she finally gets it b/c it's something I've said.

    So....if anyone can provide me some helpful links to solving Algebra II problems that would be great!

    Thank you so much.


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    Default Re: Algebra II help!!!

    Hi, Ginni! We always used Khan Academy to get extra practice in or for help when one of my kids didn't understand a concept. Have you tried that before?

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    Default Re: Algebra II help!!!

    Hi, Ginni. We've used Khan to supplement, too. Here's one you can use if you just want the steps, but do consider that your student can just type in the problem and copy the steps without understanding it.

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