Good morning, after much thought and a lot of research I've decided to pull my 9th grader from public school because I feel that he's just slipping through the cracks and falling further and further behind. He has had an IEP in place for many years now and I've also been told that he had learning disabilities which is keeping him well below grade level. We started homeschooling as of today and I'm terrified that I'm going to screw up. I have him currently set on all of the grade level courses but he's been struggling badly with them this morning so I'm trying to figure out how to lower some of his grade levels to help him catch up and hopefully boost his self esteem. He hasn't been able to pass anything in such a long time and I know its wearing on him. He begged me to homeschool him and I don't want to fail him. Are there any courses out there that can read some of his lessons to him as well? And does he have to do the routine English courses for high school in order to reach his high school diploma or can we start lower and progress over the four year span? I'm so confused and trying to do the best I can to help him. Thanks for any help or advice that you can give me.