Can we return to a lesson after partially completed without starting over?
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    Question Can we return to a lesson after partially completed without starting over?


    We are new to homeschooling and T4L and are so far truly enjoying the freedom to learn at our own pace. We have a few questions about navigating through the lessons:

    ** Can we pause and return to a lesson the following day after logging out?
    ** Are the activity quizes graded and can they be re-done? A few times, the screen was sticky, so the wrong answer was selected, frustrating my daughter who had the right answer .
    ** Can we rewind or fast forward a small portion of the video to listen to a part of the content over again?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated )
    Thank you

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    Hi there, and welcome! We love T4L as well, and one of the main reasons is because of how flexible it boys can log on anytime they need to and work at their own pace. Love it!

    I will try to answer your questions, or more accurately, my 10th grader and I will try, lol. He says that as far as pausing in a lesson and coming back again later, he believes that if you are in a video lecture and you leave, the lesson will bring you back to the beginning of the video when you come back. If you are past the video, it should bring you to where you left off when you come back. Or that's the experience he's had, at any rate.

    The activity quizzes are graded, yes. They can be taken as many times as you and/or your student wish, but the program will average all of the grades together, rather than take the highest. That isn't an issue for me though, because while I do use the T4L reports for the majority of my grading, I will make adjustments and calculate my own average. I hope that made sense...

    In the videos, my son said you can rewind if you need to, but you can't fast forward back to where you started to rewind. You have to watch from the point you stop rewinding. That is only for the first time you watch the video though. If you get to the end and you want to go back, he said there is an option to watch the video again, and then you can rewind and fast forward at will if you need.

    I really hope all of that made sense, lol. If not, I will definitely try and be a little clearer.
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