changing my 9th grader to 7th grade math
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    Default changing my 9th grader to 7th grade math

    i recently signed my 9th grader up for the highschool courses, already put him down to 8th grade math and he is still seruiously struggling, but doing fine in the other high school courses, how can i lower his math level? or should i make him a middle school student? if so, how do i get him out of the high school ?

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    There is no reason to change the grade level on all his courses, if he is doing well with everything except math. You have seen that you can change to eighth grade courses within your parent login. You can change to even lower level math, but you need to have support make that change for you. Please email [email protected] and ask to give your son access to a lower level of math, while retaining all his other high school courses.

    I suggest asking for sixth grade math, because then you will have easy access to fifth, sixth, and seventh grade math lessons.

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