Duration report not accurate??? Input please!
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    Default Duration report not accurate??? Input please!

    Question. Daughter has been doing Physical Science and she is beginning Chapter 14. There are only 22 chapters. Assuming these last 8 go at same pace she will have only logged approximately 45 hours for the entire course - going by T4L time logging. I feel we need 120 - 180 hours to consider a class to count as 1 credit. So is this course that short or is time tracking off somehow....that is what I'm trying to figure out.

    I'm kicking myself repeatedly for using T4L only to track this time. I think, and she does to, that she has spent more time than that on Science and the other classes as well.

    If a student is logged in to T4L is all their logged in time recorded? Because we think that maybe it isn't now.

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    Hello! I don't know that I can definitively answer this for you. My understanding of the high school science courses, are that they are 1 credit each (semester courses count as 1/2 credit, full year courses count as 1 credit). Yes, generally 120-180 hours of work is calculated as 1 credit, but the thing with T4L is that you work at your own pace. So, the 22 chapter course might be, as an average, 120-180 hours, but your daughter is progressing quicker than that average.

    Personally, I am counting each full year course as 1 credit for my 10th grader.

    I don't know that that addressed your concern as far as time logging, but you are always welcome to contact the T4L admin offices/tech support. Their customer service is excellent. You can use the contact form on the website, or you can call them at (888) 771-0914.
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