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    New to T4L, and I have a question about quizzes. Looking at the English I an II. Some of the questions are more opinion based as opposed to the standard black and white. So how do we determine what the correct answer should be?

    Example would be mood setting in "the Monkey Paw", my daughter came up with a well thought out response to her answer. But it was incorrect. So has the approach by other parent-teachers been to discuss answers. And the adjust the grade accordingly.

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    That's a great question, Don! My response is going to be my opinion...not that of T4L or anything, lol.

    I would want to know what the program thought as the correct answer. Maybe that would help me to understand why my student's answer was incorrect. If I disagree with the program, and my child and I discussed WHY we disagree with the correct answer, then that point I would adjust the grade accordingly.
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