Help! Need to know if my 11th Grader can take a quiz/test over and how do we do it
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    Default Help! Need to know if my 11th Grader can take a quiz/test over and how do we do it

    This is our first year of homeschooling with T4L and I need some help. When a student (high school) takes a quiz is there a way for them to take it over? Also when they do a written assignment where does it go and can I find it and print it for grading or does T4L do the grading? I would like to be able to print a copy of each of her written assignments. Thanks in advance for any help. Jo

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    I am interested in knowing the answer to these questions as well.

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    H! Yes, your student can take a quiz/test over as many times as desired. Keep in mind that while they can be retaken, the scores will be averaged by T4L. Personally, I keep my own grades, using the reports from T4L as my guide. If there is a quiz that my son had to take more than once, depending on the circumstance, I will take the higher score and calculate it into their average.

    As far as the odyssey writer assignments, you should be able to print them and grade them on your own, using whatever grading system works best for you. You'll need to print before you turn it in, I believe. And when you turn it in, you're not turning it into anyone, even if the system makes you think you are, lol. That "turn in" is just so the activity will be marked as complete. T4L does not grade the writer assignments.

    Hope that helped.
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