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Thread: High School Course Video Length of Lessons

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    Default High School Course Video Length of Lessons

    High School Courses - specifically US History I & English II.

    I have searched for information on how to determine the video/lesson length so we can plan accordingly. I understand that there are some differences based on the studentís ability, but this is not what Iím looking for. I need an exact length of video/question session presented in a lesson so we can plan more efficiently how many lessons can actually get done in a day/week. Thus far our experience has been some are 45 minutes, others are less than 30. If I know this ahead of time, I can plan better.

    Where can I locate this information? If itís not available to locate, can you provide this information to me?

    Thank you.

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    I would contact Time4Learning directly, they have Great customer service. I'm sure if this information is available that they will be able to get it for you

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    Hi. It's hard to say, because the length of the video lesson depends somewhat on your student's response. After viewing the video, the student will be asked a few questions. If they get them wrong, they will be provided with more info, which makes the lesson longer. They are also often asked whether they want to continue, or if they want to view a segment again. If they need to view a segment again, that also lengthens the lesson.

    As a general guide . . . the actual running time of most of the high school video lessons is about half an hour. Authentic tasks are usually websites to explore, and time spent exploring is completely up to your student. Some of the authentic tasks will be a worksheet or essay question. Again, time for student response to these items varies a lot. Odyssey Writer assignments are, again, up to your student. Some students can write a page in ten minutes. Others labor over a writing assignment for days. Tests are usually 25 questions.

    I hope this information helps with your planning a little.
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