New this year to home schooling with high school students in NC. I have a good understanding of state requirements for graduation except for the elective credits. You need 20-21 credits to graduate. 4 English, 3 Math, 3 Science including a lab, 3 Social Studies, 1 health, 2 of a Foreign Language, and 4 Career. So you need 6 elective credits to graduate. 2 come from a Foreign Language and 4 from the CTE (NC Career and Technical Education courses, approved by the NC State Board of Education) to graduate. T4L makes it easy offering Health and a Foreign Language but what about the other 4 credits? Once a career pathway has been chosen how do you find the courses? Explored internet and still at a loss. Student has chosen law, public safety, corrections and security. First course needed in 9th grade is Public Safety I, 10th grade Law and Justice I, 11th grade Law and Justice II, and 12th grade CTE Advanced Studies. Please help?? On a side note what about fulfilling the lab credit any ideas?