High School Reading Lists and Science Labs supplies
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    Default High School Reading Lists and Science Labs supplies

    I have two students enrolled in T4L and I noticed up to eighth grade the reading lists for the English classes and the lists for the science labs are provided. Are there any lists for the high school level?

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    I don't see a reading list for English per se, but if you look at this English I course overview, you can see what they will be reading (Old Man and the Sea, The Odyssey, etc.). For the science courses, I don't know about lab materials...my son is almost finished with biology, and he hasn't yet encountered a *required* lab. The course has gone over things like flat worms, humans, etc., and he feels like he knows about their insides (his words, lol), but he wasn't required to dissect anything. Having said that, if you wanted, you can find a TON of virtual labs and online dissections via Google. Many of them free.
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