Highschool biology answer keys
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    Default Highschool biology answer keys

    Why do highschool biology lesson quiz keys not have the same questions and answers as the actual lesson quiz? How do we study for the test if we can't check the answers from the lessons?

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    Default Re: Highschool biology answer keys

    Tests and quizzes will be somewhat different each time they are attempted, because a selection of questions is taken from a larger bank of potential questions. This assures the student is actually understanding the material and not just memorizing the answers to test questions.

    The answer key will contain answers to ALL potential questions. The ones your child was asked will be on there, but not necessarily in the order they were asked. There will also be questions your student was not asked this time (but that might be on the test the next time they try it).

    You could print the test with its answers as a study guide, but that does defeat the purpose of presenting a slightly different test each time.

    Many students take a screen shot of the summary screen that follows the each section of a lesson and use those for studying (or they just take notes). My own kids take a picture of that screen with their phones and set up albums for each subject. Then they can do their studying at odd moments from their phones.

    I hope some of these ideas are helpful.

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