Honor Algebra Tutorials
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    Question Honor Algebra Tutorials

    Me nor my child can figure out how to find and watch the tutorials. Also we find where to print the worksheets but how do you enter them in the system and how are they graded.

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    Default Re: Honor Algebra Tutorials


    The reports are for parent information, so you know how the computer scored the online activities. Since you score the worksheets yourself, you already know the scores. There is no need for you to provide those scores to anyone. Reports are not intended to be a "report card".

    If you want a report card, you use the information available to you in the reports, along with anything you have added to the program or scored yourself, to create your own. Many homeschool parents do not issue course grades or report cards until high school, when they might be needed for a transcript for college. Report cards were originally intended to be communication between teachers and parents. Homeschool parents are both. Homeschool parents who do give course grades all have different ways of calculating those and different things they wish to include in their child's grade. (So do public school teacher, by the way. Two teachers in the same school teaching the same course using the same textxbook may have completely different grading systems.)

    If you are wanting to prepare a transcript, there is a template for that within your parent account.

    Tutorials? The Honors Algebra course is presented in a suggested sequence. If your child does all the lessons, quizzes, and tests in order, they will have lessons that teach (which is what I think you might be referring to as "tutorials"), lessons that allow for practice with what was taught, and lessons that assess (quizzes and tests). You should not have to locate anything separately.

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