How do I know she's done enough for the year??
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    Default How do I know she's done enough for the year??

    Hi, we pulled my daughter out in middle of her 10th grade year. I was unsure of how to start her and how to know if she was doing enough so i put in dates and let the computer generate the lessons for her. I have no idea how to see if she's almost done or still has a lot to finish & it is the end of the school year. I'm so afraid I'm going to make her behind or repeating things she's already done! We've already decided a different way to do the next school year but I need help closing out this school year and how do I show proof that she's been doing work so when she's ready to graduate or go to college.

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    Hi, you can look at her progress in the student reports. These are available in the parent admin or via the student login (portfolio). If you made an activity plan, you can also go back and look at that plan. The system should automatically mark completed items with a checkmark. This will allow you to see what she's done and how much is left. You can access the saved activity plan in the parent admin. (same place you set it up).

    Hope this helps!

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