How do we get a high school diploma??
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    Default How do we get a high school diploma??

    So I had not planned on home schooling through high school but we moved from NY to OK and NY is like three grades ahead of OK, particularly this town! So here we are and my daughter is actually an 8th grader enrolled in all high school classes because she is even ahead of the game here for 8th grade. So all that being said, she definitely is college bound and I am totally new to the high school game and end results worry me. We want to make sure she has all legal documentation so she has no issues going on to college. Anyone have any solid advice?? Thanks so much.

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    Hi Tera,

    Each state has different requirements for homeschoolers. You might check the Oklahoma state forum and see what the users there have to say.

    I also recommend you check out Let's Homeschool High School. There is tons of free templates and downloads as well as great articles, a parent forum, a student forum...

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