How Do You Change Courses?
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Thread: How Do You Change Courses?

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    Default How Do You Change Courses?

    I signed up my 11th grader for a trial a couple of months ago and chose 4 courses for that trial.
    Now I've decided to go with this program and paid for it.
    The courses that show up are the ones I chose during the trial, but those are not the ones I want her
    doing now.

    How do I change my students courses? I've looked around and don't see how to do it.
    I emailed customer support, but don't want to wait 24 hours for a response.

    Thanks for any help!
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    I would like to know too. Do we have to call and ask them to change the courses. Because my daughter has done some of the courses in public school already and seems a little bored. I need to put her in the courses she is going to be taking for 10th grade, LACA. 2014-2015. So she can be on the same page here as well as there.

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    I just did this for my 9th grader: Just log in with your parent login and click the Account Info & Updates tab. Click the "Update High School Courses" link (has a book with pencil icon), and when the window opens, select the courses you want and DESELECT the ones you don't. Note the total price at the bottom of that window. If it doesn't remain at $30 (and you've only selected 4 courses), close the window and try again. (The first time I switched mine from Bio to Earth Sci, it deselected the Bio, but still added $5. I closed the window and tried again and the $30 was back and stayed that way.)
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