How do you keep them on track
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    Default How do you keep them on track

    I plan on starting home schooling for one of my oldest and he has a hard time staying on track--Any ideas??

    Thanks Lee Bergeron

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    Hi, Lee. I've homeschooled all six of my kids. Four of them have completed high school and have attended or are attending college.

    I found that clear expectations help a lot. For example, use the Activity Planner to generate a list of exactly what your student must do each day. Eventually, move away from a daily checklist and just give your child the weekly checklist so they have practice managing their time on their own. Do you expect a minimum grade on tests or quizzes? Make sure your student knows this, so they can re-study and try again.

    Look at their reports every day. Besides the percentage scores. pay attention to how long they spent on each assignment. Many assignments are short, and ten minutes shouldn't necessarily be alarming, but seven seconds should raise a red flag! Parents grade any worksheets and writing assignments, so be sure to give your student regular feedback on those things.

    Some kids need more direction than others. Some respond to rewards. Others just want to "get it done"! Best wishes as you experiment and find what works with your child.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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