How long for 9th grade LA
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    Default How long for 9th grade LA

    I realize the answers will vary, but can you give me a ballpark of how long the Language Arts lesson will take each day? My son will not be doing any of the writing assignments (he uses a different writing curriculum). I really appreciate any feedback!

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    Default Re: How long for 9th grade LA

    Hi! The actual running time of most of the lesson activities is around thirty minutes. They can be somewhat longer, because many of them adjust to how your child answers. If they answer correctly, it will move on and if they answer incorrectly, more instruction will be given and they can try again.

    When you set up your plan, you decide how many lesson activities to do per day. I suggest you make some adjustments if the plan shows your child needs to do more than two activities per day in a subject. One possible adjustment is deleting the writing assignments, as you have done.

    Some of the activities will be just a ten-question quiz or 25 question test, which usually take a student less time than the regular lessons. The "Authentic Tasks" are usually worksheets or websites to explore.

    If all of the above is taken into account, you can probably plan on less than an hour per day. This is highly dependent on your own choices, though.

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