How long does it take your high school student?
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    Default How long does it take your high school student?

    We are pretty new to home schooling after years of public school. I was wondering how long it takes for your student to get through a days work. I chose her 4 subjects, scheduled the work for the semester (half of the assignments for the whole course), and we do school work Monday-Friday. Some days, it takes her 7-8 hours to do all of her school work. It averages about 7 hours on most days. This seems excessive, but I feel that all of the lessons are important and haven't found anything that I would deem "skippable". She's incredibly smart and focused, so I know she is doing her best and not distracted. She says that the length of the videos, time it takes to type notes, and the length of time it takes for them to go back over everything once she puts in a correct answer is very long. I don't want her to take 8 hours to do her work, but I also don't want to cheat her out of lessons that are preparing her for college in a few years. Any input is appreciated!

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    We find that some of the lessons do take some time between the length of the video and my daughter stops to take notes and so on. The math moves pretty quickly. I feel we are fairly behind. I encourage her to work on each subject for about an hour and a half and then move on. She will get frustrated if she has to spend more than that on one subject. We did away with the scheduler and I think that makes her more comfortable just doing the work she can do in her hour and a half. Like I said we are probably falling behind but we will stick with it and just reassess our speed every month and see what we can do differently to pick up the pace. Some lessons are longer than others and its hard to tell ahead of time how much time we need for different things.

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    My older two did freshman year last year, but didn't complete it until July! However, they have lots of extracurriculars including weekend sports plus co-op classes and music lessons during week, so could only get in about 4-5 hours of school per day (broken up by lunch and outside-the-home classes/lessons).

    This year they've been slacking in English (doing just 1 or 2 English activities per day) and are WAY behind (having to now do 5 or 6 English activities per day to catch up by semester end.) The other subjects (Geometry, Biology, and US History I) don't seem to take nearly as long as the English. If it becomes too cumbersome, I may just have them finish that one subject over the summer.

    I agree with limiting each subject to about 1.5 hours max. And maybe take a short brain break before moving onto next subject. It's difficult for them to maintain their focus from one intense lesson and quiz to the next. (Mine used to jump on a mini trampoline after a tough subject that caused tears. May have to pull that out of storage!)

    One more thing: NOt all subjects require child to work on them all 5 days due to fewer activities in them. Maybe just do 3 subjects/day with English and Math all 5 days, but MWF or T/TH for Science and History? Or do these extra 2 on less busy days? (Our Mondays and tuesdays are crazy busy so mine do 3 subjects those days and all 4 on WEd-Fri, and sometimes Sat.).

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    I have this same concern for my daughter. She has 5-6 courses a day. I have been trying to do as much tweaking as possible to keep it from being too overwhelming, but I'm having a hard time. Like you said, it's hard to skip lessons, especially when they need to be covered for the chapter tests. I tried to keep Geometry and English every day, and do the rest every other day, but that made us get too behind, so we had to keep it at all of them each day to meet our school year guideline.

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