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    Cool Isolation

    1. Home school is new, my child is really learning and progressing accedemically. But feels isolated, and cooped up. We live in the country there is no socail activities, my child is really missing leaving the house to go to school. I take her to town often to visit with her friends but this does not seem to be enough, and she is starting to get frustrated. I have incouraged her to utilized the social link to vail.

    Anyone else have this experience?

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    Check your local library for homeschool activities/classes (usually free). You could also look into joining a co-op or a museum for a class or two $$ (foreign language, music, art, science labs, etc.). Finally, see if you can find other homeschool families and organize your own weekly social activity (park day, swim/splash pad, volleyball, tennis, tree-climbing. Kids are great at coming up with things to do once we get them together) or monthly field trip.

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