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    Hey. So my daughter used T4L during the 2015-2016 school year then we deactivated for the summer. Just activated her again.

    How do I bring up what she did last year?? I need to print it off or save it to my computer or something.

    Any help please??

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    You should be able to use the date selector to choose the dates for the report. Open up the report tab. For report type>student scores, subject>all, activity type>all...then choose enter date range. Enter the dates you'd like and generate the report.

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    When you say you "deactivated" for the summer . . . did you cancel, or go dormant? If your account was canceled (either because you canceled it or due to nonpayment), those records will have been deleted.

    If you want your student's records of progress and scores to be saved on Time4Learning's servers when you take a break (during the summer or any time you want to take a month or more off), then you need to log in to your parent account and choose the dormancy option, which means you will pay just 5.99/month instead of the regular rate for the storage of the records.

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