Mistake in English 1, second lesson?
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    Default Mistake in English 1, second lesson?

    Hello! We used this program years ago, and are back to it. Today was my daughter's second day of using English 1. The lesson is on Living things and what defines them. Her multiple choice said, "If a thing can reproduce it is..." The answers were 1. A living thing. 2. Possibly a nonliving thing. 3. A nonliving thing. She chose 1 and it was considered incorrect. Someone please explain this to me. Also, is it possible to go back and redo quizzes and tests?

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    Default Re: Mistake in English 1, second lesson?

    If you think you found an error, I would say report it to [email protected]. You can go back and have your daughter retake the quiz at any time. It does keep both scores, however. I keep a separate grade book that allows me to pull only the grades I want.

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